Registration Form: WAFLT-COFLT Bi-State Conference, October 8 - 10, 2015
Wenatchee Coast Hotel and Convention Center, Wenatchee, WA
Teaching to Inspire, Engage, and Transform

Questions:  Catherine Ousselin, Conference Chair,
OR Lauren Kiolet, Registration Chair, 360-352-5498
OR the WAFLT Office 360-709-0202 OR

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K-6   Secondary  Post Sec.


COSTS: For the conference:  Registration includes two meals and all sessions except fee workshops, plus WAFLT dues. Purchase orders are accepted, with a $5.00 CHARGE PER PURCHASE ORDER (regardless of how many people the PO covers). There is also a $5.00 CHARGE PER PERSON if you pay online by PayPal.

Note: Meals are included because the food and drink that we buy pay for the meeting facilities.


PRE CONFERENCE EVENT-- Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

    ACTFL Workshop  TBD

    NOTE:  $80 includes lunch and 7 clock hours

$ 80




$ 160


FULL TIME Students/Retired

$ 120


FIRST TIME Participant

$ 120

If you plan to attend the Thursday welcome reception (7:30 to 9:30) please check the following box             
If you plan to attend the Friday awards reception (6:30 to 8:00) please check the following box                    

These events are included in the registration fee, but we need a count to determine how much food to order


$ 10


$ 5


$ 5

            TWO  meals are included in registration fees. Please indicate which two meals you desire:

             Friday Lunch  Saturday Breakfast  Saturday AAT Lunch
For Sat. Lunch, indicate language
German Japanese French Chinese Russian

            Check here for vegetarian meals


      Note:  Each language lunch requires a minimum of 12 registered participants.  If there are fewer than 12
                participants, you will be placed with another language group for the Saturday lunch.






Friday Lunch

$ 30


Saturday Breakfast

$ 30


Saturday AAT Luncheon

$ 30

For Sat. Lunch, indicate language:
German Japanese French Chinese Russian

Check here for vegetarian meals


POST CONFERENCE FEE WORKSHOPS -- Saturday, approx. 2:00-5:00 p.m 

Curate the Web:  Active Student Engagement with Culturally Authentic Materials by Nicole Naditz

$ 20

Beginning the Process of Second Language Acquisition (and umpteen other tips tested and proven over thirty years by Rick Beck

$ 20


Please make checks payable to WAFLT          TOTAL $

Meals are pre-ordered and usually cannot be provided for registrations received after the October 1 deadline.

REFUND POLICY -- Refund requests must be submitted in writing before the beginning of the conference